Eleanor Wagner

Author and Founder of the Lady Ghostbusters

The Lady Ghostbusters are always keeping busy... learn more about author Eleanor Wagner, who founded the team, and members who have been with her since the beginning.

Purchase signed copies of Eleanor's Hauntings series, view photos taken during investigations, and check out reviews from readers. You can also purchase Eleanor's sci-fi romance novella, Dream a Little Dream.

Eleanor Wagner's Strange and Scary World podcast is available to listen through the Paranormal U.K. Radio network. Listen in for stories of ghosts and other anomalies!

Eleanor chronicles her travels throughout the Tri-State region with the Lady Ghostbusters. From orbs and apparitions to strange anomalies, she records them all here.

Click here to learn about Eleanor's upcoming book signings, read about her in the news, check out pieces she has submitted to various publications, and listen to interviews she's done over the radio and on television.

Looking to get in touch with Eleanor? Do you have  general feedback/concerns, or spooky stories you'd like her to include in her next Hauntings novel? Submit inquiries here.

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