Eleanor Wagner

Author and Founder of the Lady Ghostbusters

About the Author and Team

Author Eleanor Wagner was born in the Bronx but has long been a country girl living in beautiful Sussex County sharing space with horses and cows. She writes children's, supernatural, and romance literature. Eleanor spent years as Pennywhistle the Party Clown, named after Pennywise the Dancing Clown from one of her favorite Stephen King novels, It. She enjoys reading, writing, singing, hiking, swimming, and gardening. She has two daughters, Viktoria-Leigh and Kassidy, and three dogs with her husband of 31 years, Steve. Eleanor said being a writer opened up many worlds for her creatively. She has been blessed to make awesome new friends who also dream big and crazy.

The Lady Ghostbusters Paranormal Team is available to conduct professional paranormal investigations at private residences and businesses. The Team's Mission Statement has always been to help people -- and the ghosts they encounter so that they are all acknowledged and any situation can be comfortably resolved. As far as the team members go, the ultimate goal is to help each and every one of them to become their best person. Respect, understanding, helpfulness and guidance amongst each other is core, especially with older members nurturing the younger members and making them feel they are a part of something important, enabling their gifts to grow and blossom. Everybody's experience is validated. The equipment used to conduct the investigations ranges from digital, structured light sensor, and thermal imaging cameras; spirit boxes; dousing rods; pendulums; K2 meters; audio recorders; and standard flashlights. Most is battery-operated and handheld/portable to provide a larger coverage area even in the absence of electricity. The Team successfully captures audio, visual, and photographic evidence. While the Team retains the rights to the audio, video, and photographic evidence captured, evidence is not published on the author’s website, in her books, or on any social media platform without the express permission of clients involved to maintain their privacy. While the majority of our members reside in New Jersey, the Team is willing to travel within a reasonable distance to conduct private investigations where times, dates, and circumstances permit. Contact Eleanor to schedule a date for your investigation.

Meet Our Ghostbusters

Eleanor Wagner

Founder and Author

Author Eleanor Wagner is the founder of the Lady Ghostbusters and began chronicling their experiences in Sussex County when she began her Hauntings series. The books took off and she's since expanded exploration to other counties in North Jersey. Eleanor has always been sensitive to the paranormal. She's been able to see things before they happen, connect with deceased loved ones, and sense hauntings in buildings. 

Deborah Solinksi

Lady Ghostbuster

Deb grew up in the old mining town of Ogdensburg, New Jersey when the paranormal became her passion. She considered herself sensitive as a child and sought to further educate herself so she could hone in on her abilities to communicate with the dead. Her empathic nature and deep spirituality are a benefit to the team. She makes great use of her metaphysical skills, and goofy personality.

Jodi Niper-Coombs

Lady Ghostbuster

Jodi has been interested in the paranormal most of her life, and grew up in an active home. She's a healthcare professional, empath, and reiki healer with a bit of skepticism thrown into the mix.

JW Cahill, Sr.

Paranormal Investigator

Joe brings with him years of experience and knowledge with communicating with spirit and working with video and audio equipment evidence.

Jacki Hangley

Lady Ghostbuster

Jacki is a psychic medium who has been aware of spirits from a very young age. She goes to investigations without any knowledge of activity experienced. Jacki assists earthbound souls in crossing over. Her main goal is to put all involved, both the living and dead, at ease and provide them with a sense of peace.

Art Petersen


Art is a paranormal researcher, empath, clairvoyant, and psychic. Known for seeing past events and communicating wit the dead, Art has been a paranormal investigator for over 40 years. He's hosted hundreds of ghost tours at Burn Brae Mansion in Glen Spey, New York -- a paranormal bed and breakfast experience.

Liz Petersen

Lady Ghostbuster

Spouse to Art Petersen, Liz has been fascinated with the paranormal since she was a kid. Having had a few experiences where she's seen ghosts, she was especially sensitive to the spirit world as a teenager. Once she aged and gained more responsibilities, her sixth sense went dormant. She has been involved in many investigations with Art as the researcher who likes to uncover the history of each visited site. She's good at finding things.

Andrew Knapp


Andrew has been interested in the paranormal since he first viewed the television series, In Search Of... He began collecting paranormal literature and now has a nearly 450-volume library. He appeared on season two, episode six of Ghost Adventures and was a consultant on season six, episode five of Finding Bigfoot, which was filmed in Sussex County. He's an energy worker and shares his home with seven cats.

Margaret Miller

Lady Ghostbuster

Margaret was born and raised in Morris County, New Jersey. She started having clairvoyant visions in 1982. After attending seances and realizing she wasn't alone, she delved into the paranormal world and has been an investigator since 2015. She's an empath and true Libra in every sense.

Michael Hangley


Mike's spiritual journal started in his thirties when he saw a spoon in his kitchen move on its own. Soon after, he saw the full-bodied apparition of his deceased mother, who passed away a decade prior. Once he realized he was blessed with this gift, he began training to become a spiritual healer and medium.

George Hurtack


New to the paranormal investigation world, George has always been intrigued by spirits. He's straight-forward in his opinion, and uses facts to determine whether something is a legitimate haunting or not. He follows this up with research, and uses his analytical mind when reviewing the data.

Nicole Kries

Lady Ghostbuster

Nicole is one of the newer members of the team, but make no mistake, she is gifted. She has a natural, intuition about spirit and is able to connect with them on a totally different level from the other members.

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Photo:  Grandpa on the left in Geresdorf in Austria.