Eleanor Wagner

Author, Podcaster, and Paranormal Investigator

Eleanor has been partnering with the Paranormal U.K. Radio Network since September 2021 to release biweekly podcast episodes with new ones released every other Thursday. Tune in to hear stories about all things scary and paranormal. This show is available wherever you get your podcasts - listen in the car, while you're exercising, or just to pass the time. Soundtrack: SilentCrafter's "Stranger Pt. II."

Eleanor's new Creepin' It Reel! LIVE podcast is featured on the Coast2Coast Entertainment Network biweekly every other Thursday at 8:00 PM EST and has been running since April 2022. Listeners can tune in both to listen and watch Eleanor's interviews with specialists from across the country who share audio recordings, video footage, and photographic evidence from their paranormal investigations. Soundtrack: Alexander Nakarada's "Headless Horseman."